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 About SKY

Sky Teh, an investor who loves to invest in real estate, and was a mortgage outsource banker back in 2013.

During 2012 to 2021, with his familiarity and sensitivity to loan operation, he has found his way to become VIP to many local as well as foreign banks. Besides accumulated a lot of experience in the real estate market (from the beginning of investment in houses to the investment in shophlot) Sky Teh has also established good network with investors, lawyer, estate agents and bankers.

He has a lot of experience in buying properties either as a personal reputation or as a limited company IHC. Some of the properties in his portfolio are registered in his own name, some in joint names, and some in corporate names. Currently, he has more than 10 partners. Among them are doctors, insurance managers, investors, bosses, computer programmers, business owners and family members, etc.

In 2017, he realized that the risk of partnership investment might cause unnecessary trouble if one of them deceased without a proper will or trust. This is because the family of the deceased (partner) will become the owner of the estate either directly or indirectly, and if the family disagrees with the other partner, it can lead to disputes.
In order to avoid unnecessary disputes between family members and partners and to protect each other's interests, Sky delved into wills and trusts and used these tools to protect his investment in the estate. At first his purpose was simple: to learn to plan for the properties he bought. But as he learned, he began to realize that there were many investors in the market who knew how to invest as well as he did, and there were many teachers in the market who taught how to invest in real estate, but no one taught how to plan well from an investor's perspective.

Later, Sky found that people lacked the exposure and knowledge in this area, so Sky decided to help these people, especially investors who bought properties jointly, investors who set up a limited company to buy properties, or businessmen who use the business of a limited company for planning. What are the situations where a will or a trust should be used for planning?

Please contact Sky and you can learn how his investment philosophy works!

Our Vision

Our vision are committed to providing strategic management solutions to customers through our values, trust, respect, fairness, commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with the best quality service, and meticulously plan to let you handle affairs with peace of mind.

The ones who draft and vet Wills and Trusts for us are lawyers or legally trained personnel.

We have a unique system that encompasses over 500 Will precedents and reference clauses with auto-checks, such as matching of common data of beneficiaries, to suit all requirements.

In drafting Wills and Trusts, we draw from our experience to avoid practical problems that may be encountered in future in estate administration, such as getting the right asset details.

We will commit ourselves to serve you with our most sincere and professional service for your needs to meet your requirement through our values, trust, respect, fairness, commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction.
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